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We offer a wide range of fine hard porcelain dinner ware and are currently the sole manufacturer of fine in-glaze-decorated tableware. We offer absolutely dishwasher and microwave safe products which surpasses world class standards .Furthermore, we constantly work on improving our production; As a result, "Zarin Porcelain" is characterized by excellent quality, resistant to high temperature, acids and mechanical damages and is recommended for use in dishwashers and microwave ovens. In the process of production only high quality raw material is used, therefore, users can enjoy a delicate yet stern product.
Our shape collections suite a broad scope of tastes from traditional to modern contemporary and our decorations are affected by a passion for beauty and charm, obsession with details and respect for aesthetic values. These aspects introduce the outcome as dinner ware suitable for all occasions.

Home Tableware Collections shapes

  • Wallendorfer Wallendorfer A good 50 years after the invention of porcelain by Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus and Johann Friedrich Böttger, Wolfgang Hammann from Katzhütte and his son founded the Wallendorf porcelain factory on March 30, 1764, after he was granted the license to manufacture porcelain in the Duchy of Saxony-Coburg. As early as 1780, by using Bohemian kaolin, Hammann succeeded in producing a strikingly pure white body that was “dazzling white, finely ground and so hard that there are sparks on the steel”. The Wallendorf porcelain manufactory was owned by the founding family until 1833 and then passed through the hands of experienced porcelain makers such as Hutschenreuther, Kampf, Sonntag, Heubach, Frauenreuth and Schaubach. This also explains the large number of floor brands used, which at times were strongly reminiscent of the Meissen trademark. 200 years after the founding of the Wallendorf porcelain factory, the current “W” brand was finally introduced. A “W” under a crossed helmet crown and the year of foundation 1764. more
  • Neo Classic Neo Classic “Neoclassic” is the result of collaboration between our comprehensive knowledge in the field of ceramics and our most advanced production technology for a modern approach to the glorious Victorian design era and gastronomy. more
  • Shahrzad Shahrzad "SHAHRZAD" is inspired by the pure Iranian traditional architecture and culture representing “tasteful style of Persia". They are decorated with traditional as well as modern designs to fulfill our customer needs from all classes and tastes. more
  • Italia F Italia F Italia F line, with its classic and elegant form attracts attention on the spot. The delicate items of this line with their mild curves, are timeless beauties. more
  • Quattro Quattro In harmony with nowadays modern lifestyle, Quattro has a desirable square form based on utmost simplicity and maximum functionality. more
  • Vinci Vinci Charming form, designed by adroit Italian designers in Milan, Along with our strong commitment to high quality, led to an outstanding line of products named Vinci. more
  • Radiance Radiance Delicate and shining diamond on Radiance shaped relief amplifies the pleasant touch and look.  more

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