Hotels & Restaurants Tableware Collections

 A distinguishing feature of a first class hotel and restaurant is the tableware choice the management makes. The tableware in these places must have the certain characteristics such as :
-Elegance and ergonomic shape in design assuring full functionality
-Resistance against the impacts in everyday use
-Stackability for easy handling and storage
-Resistante decoration to multiple washing in high temperature and by strong detergents of industrial dishwashers without any effect on the printed design and/or logo
 We are proud to advise that Zarin Iran Porcelain Industries taking advantage of more than 100 years experience in Ceramics and porcelain industries, using high quality raw materials and enjoying the latest technology and machinery in this field, has been successful to offer a unique product which complies with the latest international standards and fulfills the various requirments of those active in catering industry.  That is why nowadays Zarin products are used by a large number of well known hotels and restaurants inside and outside of Iran. Zarin hard porcelain tableware passing through the most precise laboratory tests, have strong resistance to impact as well as thermal shocks and using the best raw material, are free from any harmful substance for human health. The design of the items are in strict compliance with its functions and beside the beauty and elegance their ergonomic design has given them the ultimate functionality. Furthermore their stackability leads to easy and quick handling and storage. Finally, taking advantage of in-glaze decoration system which is exclusively offered by Zarin Porcelain in IRAN, assures permanent shining logos and designs even after several times of washing (Dishwasher safe).
You can also use our in- glaze decorated items with no gold or platinium in microwave ovens.

Hotels & Restaurants Tableware Collections shapes

  • Form S Form S more
  • Hotel 49 Hotel 49
    Zarin Hotel 49 is an extensive range of porcelain tableware, exclusively manufactured for Hotels, Restaurants  and caterings with special attention to durability and functionally .
  • Hotel 49 Quattro Hotel 49 Quattro Consistent with hotel 49 products with its smart and elegant square shape and based on the ultimate simplicity and functionality, hotel 49 quattro can be a suitable choice for hotels and restaurants. more
  • Homa Homa Specifically designed for air lines and caterings where maximum functionality and stickability along with quality and beauty is required. Though Homa shape collection is a smart choice of luxury restaurants. more

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