Instruction for Maintenance of In-glazed Gold Decorated porcelain

Instruction for Maintenance of In-glazed Gold Decorated porcelain
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Thank you for choosing Zarin Iran Porcelain products & congratulation on your taste.

The present product is produced by using the best raw materials and the most modern porcelain machinery enjoying over 140 years Zarin experience in ceramic & porcelain industries.

This product is decorated by In-glaze decoration technology which is exclusively provided by this company in Iran and has the following characteristics:

1-Due to the fact that the design of the dishes is placed inside the glaze, its resistance to washing is extremely high and detergents has no effect on fading out or removing the design.

2-Porcelain dishes decorated by in-glaze decoration technology are smoother and shinier. Furthermore their decoration design is not in direct contact with foodstuffs.  

When using in-glaze gold decorated products, considering the following points help maintaining its beauty and quality for many years: 

- Stack-ability resulting to easier handling and storage of the dishes is an advantage of these products. Nevertheless since the bases of dishes are not glazed due to the technical necessities of production, although they are well polished, hardness of porcelain body can create lines and scratches on the surface of the below dishes or glass tables. Therefore when bunching and moving the dishes, we recommended you not to place large quantity of the dishes on each other, to avoid scratching the below dishes by too much weight of the ones on the top. Putting a piece of napkin between the plates is a clever choice. 
- In in-glazed decoration technology, a thick layer of 24-Carate gold is used; therefore repeated washing and passing of time do not fade out or remove the motif. Using this method, the golden motif offers a distinctly matte and golden look, which is not seen in the ordinary golden decorated dishes. Please keep in mind that decorated products with in-glaze gold (like jewelry made of 24ct gold) can be scratched over time due to its tick gold layer. However there is no need to be concerned about the disappearance of the designs.
- It goes without mentioning that as with all other precious objects, proper maintenance over time adds to its spiritual value.
- Due to the metallic property of gold, it is recommended not to use them in microwave ovens.
- Since porcelain glaze is harder than steel, pulling cutlery on the dishes glaze repeatedly may leave the metal trace on the glaze. Therefore it is recommended not to  drag these items on the dishes.

Dishes decorated by In-glaze Gold Decoration are marked with the following phrases at the back: 
"In glaze Decoration "
"Dishwasher Safe

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