Research And Development

Research And Development As a leading member of Iranian R&D Association (associated with IRAN Ministry of Industries and Mines), Zarin Iran porcelain has always had an eye on Research and Development. Consequently we have been able to continuously optimize and renovate our production methods, monitor and improve our products quality in every aspect, evaluate final consumer demands to design and develop merited products which suits different segments of the market.

Zarin Iran R & D center is divided to the following subsections:

1- Ceramic & Chemistry Laboratory (accredited by Iranian Industrial Standard and Research Center) 
2- Design Department 
3- Production and Maintenance Department

Each department enjoys the most sophisticated equipment and professional staff dedicated to produce an extensive range of premium quality porcelain tableware for homes, hotels, restaurants and caterings.

Constant improvement of the integrated management system IMS processes effectiveness. All Zarin Iran employees are committed to perform their duties in accordance to the brand philosophy.

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