Instruction for washing and Maintenance of Hotel porcelain

Instruction for washing and Maintenance of Hotel porcelain

Dear Consumer

Thank you for choosing Zarin Iran Porcelain products & congratulation on your taste.

The present product is produced by using the best raw materials and the most modern porcelain machinery enjoying over 140 years Zarin experience in ceramic & porcelain industries.

In order to maintain the quality & shining of your purchased dishes, please consider the following points:

1- Due to the extreme hardness of the glazed dishes, inferior metal pieces such as non-standard cutlery & Kebab skewer are easily corroded by porcelain, so please make sure to use standard cutlery. Also, please avoid dragging Kebab skewer on the edge of platters; otherwise, metal particles remain on the surface of dishes, which may blacken its edges (In order to prevent blackening the edge of the platter while separating kebab from the skewer, it is recommended to use a piece of bread between the edge of platter & kebab skewer.) 

2- Stack-ability resulting to easier handling and storage of the dishes is an advantage of these products. Nevertheless since the bases of dishes are not glazed due to the technical necessities of production, although they are well polished, hardness of porcelain body can create lines and scratches on the surface of the below dishes or glass tables. Therefore when bunching and moving the dishes, we recommended you not to place large quantity of the dishes on each other, to avoid scratching the below dishes by too much weight of the ones on the top. Putting a piece of napkin between the plates is a clever choice. 

3- Use of bleaching materials such as "Whit-ex" is harmful to human health. However if needed, please uses diluted solution in a short time and avoid direct contact with dishes. We suggest using high-quality dishwashing detergents instead of bleaching agents. 

Considering above mentioned points will help to maintain the beauty and quality of the glaze on the dishes and helps long-term use.

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